Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Everybody says education is the key to making it in this world. But what happens when you can't afford education? Most of us apply for financial aid. If you ask me it's more trouble then it's worth. The amount that they give you still leaves you trying to how you will pay for school. The only thing financial aid covers fully is a community college. But what about us people that want to go to a four year college? Are we stuck taking up a major that we don't want to at a school that we don't really want to be at? Most of the time yes unless you decide to quit. Any bit of higher education is great to have, but now with the economy so messed up everybody is looking for degrees. Tuition isn't getting any lower but federal grants are. Why is this when they claim to be funding more money for education? Plus depending on what you make the less you'll get. Crazy part is for twelve years I went to school for free. No tuition necessary, but when I need to further my education I have to pay thousands in tuition fees. I recently found out that don't go by the amount you bring home they go by the amount you make before deductions.Why? The world may never know. If a person is already struggling they second guess going back to school because they can't afford it. Do you believe if tuition fees were lower more people would go? Yes I honestly do. As a person who has struggled with tuition in the past and will more than likely have to do it again come spring 2011 I believe so. Can't you just take out school loans? Yes and I did but what most people fail to realize is it's a LOAN! You have to pay all of that back with interest and sometimes it be over $25,000. You'll be paying off school loans most of your life. Nobody likes to be in debt of that much money. Which gives them another reason to give up on higher education. I've witnessed taking out two school loans and it still not be enough.It's hard to try to gather up tuition money especially when you have no support. Yes many people have done it. You know went through the struggle and came out on top. But do me a huge favor. Sit down and talk to them, really talk to them. They'll let you know how hard it was and and all the things that they had to endure just to graduate and keep their head above water. Listen to their story you'll see how much they've lost during their journey of gaining education and how many times they had to drop classes in order to work to afford to stay in the race. I'm not saying don't try it but just know what you'll be going through before hand so it wont become too overwhelming too fast. It's sad that tuition is only getting higher every couple of years and the more they see you make before deductions mean the less help you'll get from the government. Even through all of this I still encourage people to at least try college. You never know it just may turn out different for you. I'm just telling you from my point of view. I also believe sometimes the struggle is worth it.

dead beat fathers

The responsibilities of your children should always come first. It should come before all a parents wants and needs. Once you've made the decision to have a child you and everybody else come last. If this is true why do I know so many deadbeat fathers? The don't want to do much of anything except run around town with everybody else. The have all their fun while the mother is taking on the responsibility of being a mother and a father. Do they know how hard that is? I'm willing to bet my life they don't know and really don't care to know. The crazy thing about all this is children are the greatest gift one could receive. So my question is why do so many men leave them behind? I've gotten so many answers from men but so far no legit reason. You want to know why I haven't heard a legit reason? Because truth be told there isn't one. At some point in your life your children will be all you have in this world. If you're a deadbeat dad you won't have nothing or no one except those four walls. Men need to stop making excuses and step up to the plate. No you don't have to be with the mother but you are obligated to help her, and not just occasionally. Women are strong but it's only so much they can do as a single parent. I give respect to every single mother that's raising her children the best way she can. Because of them their children will get that emotional, financial, and intellectual love from someone and know how to return it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mr. Right

They always say never give up Mr. Right is only around the corner. But how do they know that? I've heard that so many times I'm starting to think well tell him to stand beside me. Is there even a such thing as mr. right? Nope not in my world because hey nobody is perfect. He might have some of the characteristics you want but not all. Come on people this is not Cinderella there's no fairy tale ending. Nobody wants to settle but in certain situations I believe you have to. Especially in this case of finding mr. right for you. A wise man once said there's always something better coming along. Which is sometimes true but a wiser woman responded if you keep passing along every woman/man you meet waiting for that something better you could spend your whole life waiting. Is that what you want? To be all alone waiting for something better. I strongly doubt that! I don't want mr. right anymore, now all I want is a good man. Do they still exist you ask. I believe they do and you should too. Good men are out there you just have to bypass all of the frauds. Don't fall for every person that comes along pretending. Give that guy/girl that may not be your type physically a chance. He/she might just make up for it by treating you the way you've always imagined someone to treat you. People inorder to find what we want we sometimes have to step out of the box we've created for ourselves.

Moving on

When people move on does that mean they're giving up or they're just fed up? Recently I've witnessed a lot of moving on from both men and women. How come no one ever realizes what they have till it's too far out of their reach? It's not just men it's us women too. When we seem to have that good guy that's more than willing to hand us the world on a golden platter we run. Do we run back to our mother, our friends or our inner self? No! We run to the guy that's more than willing to feed us more than our fair share of bullshit on a paper plate. We leave them full of resentment swearing never again. But from beginning to end we give our hearts to the biggest assholes while the sweetest gentlemen get nothing but a wet shoulder. Why does it take so long for us humans to move on? Hmm I may never know all everyone seems to say is at some point we lost sight of us. Everybody is always so focused on the big picture. But what about all the details the artist drew to create the big picture? Are they not important anymore? How can you get the big picture if you don't even know what makes the big picture? That's like saying you want a good guy/girl but don't know what characteristics you want him to have.